World's only Deep Throat Training Kit

Our elegant, safe and hygienic skills training kit will give you the confidence and ability to master Deep Throating, in a relaxed manner without being judged by your partner - that is of course until you give him his first real Deep Throat experience!! Use our kit to provide you with the skills you need to train your gag reflex, practicing alone until your are entirely comfortable using it before you try and Deep Throat your man. Our respectful and elegant training kit provides you with the perfect approach to introduce Deep Throating into your sexual desires and assist you in learning the art of Deep Throating that will help you look experienced when it comes to actually doing it on a real penis. Our Kit comes in 3 sizes:-
  • 210mm x 26 mm,
  • 250mm x 32 mm
  • 250 mm x 38 mm
  • Our product is made from a medical grade silicone
  • Never practice the art of Deep Throating with anything that can break,
  • Our dildo’s are designed so that they can’t get stuck in your wind pipe
  • Our Dildo's are impossible to get lodged in your throat.
  • Silicone is the easiest material to clean and to keep clean.